Sell Used iPhone Chermside

The Ultimate Guide For Selling Used iPhones

Every time a newer iPhone model rolls in, you might be tempted to sell your older iPhone to upgrade to a newer one. But the question that still looms around the corner is –

“Can I Sell My Used iPhone?”

Now, to make room for a newer model, you can consider selling the older device and get a reasonable offer on the newer model. Or, if you want to sell it off and try a different handset from other platforms, the good news is that your iPhone holds a significant resale value. So, here in this blog, we will help you make things easier, i.e., tip you on how to sell your preloved iPhone. Read to find out.

Estimate the Price of Your Used iPhone

There are plenty of sites out there that reveal all the parameters needed to find the exact quote for your device. Things that mostly affect the price are the condition of the phone, battery health, storage capacity, and the model (of course). Answer truthfully to all the questions, as lying here won’t do you any good. The concerned authorities will check your phone once you decide to sell your iPhone in Chermside.

Some of the crucial aspects that are taken into consideration are –

  • Is there any crack on the screen?
  • Is there any visible dent?
  • Is the camera’s lens intact?
  • Is the back glass fully intact?

But the good news is, you can still sell your used iPhone at Platinum Phone Repair after a careful evaluation. Once we’ve checked all the issues, we provide you with a Free Quote along with a detailed price estimate.

What You Need To Do Before Selling Your iPhone?

There are a few things you need to check –

  • Make sure that your used iPhone has the “Find My iPhone” feature turned OFF,
  • If there are files to migrate or others that you want to keep, make sure to back up your iPhone.
  • Do a hard reset (erase the phone’s data completely) so that you have not saved any of the personal information.
  • Remove the SIM card (for physical SIM).
  • In case you use an e-SIM, delete all the information before you sell your iPhone in Chermside.
  • Rely On Professional Experts To Inspect Your iPhone

If you’re not satisfied with the price offered for your iPhone, it is advised to contact a professional phone expert who buys and sells iPhones. Only a professional expert can inspect your handset to match what you filled in earlier when you were contacted. They will run a series of tests to check the actual condition of your iPhone and offer you a fair price! Once everything falls into place, you can sell used iPhone in Chermside on the same day.

Sell Your Used iPhone At Platinum Phone Repair

If you wish to sell your used iPhone, contact us at 0430 204 151 to get a preliminary estimate. Once we run the diagnostic tests, we’ll provide you with an instant quote for FREE. Hurry – get in touch TODAY!