iPad Screen Repair & Replacement in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane by Licensed Experts

Are you facing issues with your iPad screen? It is cracked or is it not responding the way it should? Or is it stone dead or down with any other problem? Well, you need to act immediately, and with a purpose! You need to get your gadget to a specialist that has been conducting iPad LCD screen repairs with success.

What better name can you opt for, than Platinum Phone Repair? With years of experience under our credit and with some of the best technicians in our team, we guarantee to cater to every type of iPad screen repairs & replacement in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane. We provide repairs for different iPad models, right from the earliest ones to the very latest version.
iPad Screen Repair North Brisbane

Highlights of Our iPad Screen Repair Service in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane

Platinum Phone Repair deals with every iPad screen issue!! However, that is a mere understatement. Right from faulty or broken connectors to cracked and broken iPad screen repair and replacement in North Brisbane, from an unresponsive touch screen to rotation issues, our technicians will come up with the best solutions.

We ensure that once you bestow the responsibility of repairing your iPad screen on us, you will get back your gadget in its best and original form.

Besides, when it comes to iPad screen repair and replacement, we always offer the same day service, provided that there is no complicated ancillary issue involved. And our warranty coverage provides you with peace of mind as it helps your gadget TO STAY PROTECTED!!!!

There is hardly any iPad screen issue that we cannot fix. We are so confident about our expertise that we follow a no-fix-no-pay-policy.

We do not have any fixed rate of repair. Rather, the price we tag against our service to fix iPad screen and other issues in Griffin, North Lakes, or elsewhere in North Brisbane truly reflects the gravity of the problem you are facing with your gadget. However, we would never tag any exorbitant price against our service. This ensures, we always offer cheap iPad screen repair or replacement and other services.
iPad Cracked Screen Repair North Brisbane

Common iPad Screen Issues That We Deal With

  • Broken or cracked screen
  • Perpetually Frozen screen
  • Dead/unresponsive screen
  • White screen
  • Screen rotation issue
  • Intermittent freezing of the screen.
The iPad Models We Fix
  • 1st Generation iPad (A1219 (Wi-Fi) and A1337 (3G))
  • 2nd Generation iPad (A1395 (Wi-Fi), A1396 (3G GSM) and A1397 (3G CDMA))
  • 3rd Generation iPad (A1416 (Wi-Fi), A1430 (4G) and A1403 (4G VZ))
  • 4th Generation iPad (A1458 (Wi-Fi), A1459 (4G) and A1460 (4G MM))
  • 5th Generation iPad (with Wi-Fi, 32GB, (2017 Model)
  • 6th Generation iPad (2018)
  • 7th Generation iPad (10.2 inch 2019 Model)
  • 8th Generation iPad (A2428, A2429, A2430 and A2270 (Wi-Fi)
  • 1st Generation: Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch (2016) (A1584 (Wi-Fi) and A1652 (4G)
  • 1st Generation: Apple iPad Pro 9.7-Inch (2016) A1673 (Wi-Fi), A1674 and A1675 (4G)
  • 2nd Generation: Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch (2017) (A1670 (Wi-Fi) and A1671 (4G)…and all the other iPad Pro and iPad Air models.
iPad Broken Screen Repairs North Brisbane

Trust Us for Quality iPad Screen Repair & Replacement in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane

Therefore, if you are in pursuit of a credible name that will come up with quality iPad screen replacement and repair service, Platinum Phone Repair is the name to put stakes on. CONTACT US to get a free quote for cheap iPad screen replacement and repair in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane.