Professional iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane

Dropped your iPhone in water accidentally and now it’s not working anymore? And are you searching for a professional to fix your water damaged iPhone in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane? Well, you don’t need to search anymore as we at Platinum Phone Repair will get it working in no time!

Our expert technicians are capable of repairing all sorts of damage in an iPhone. And when it comes to liquid damage, the technicians will follow the best procedures to inspect the components inside the device to repair them effectively.

And we guarantee that no matter how much damage has been caused to the device by water or any other liquid, our professionals providing the iPhone water damage repair service in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane will fix it with 100% accuracy.
iPhone Water Damage Repairs

We Are the Most Trusted Company Providing iPhone Water Damage Repairs in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane

That’s right. We are one of the few companies that are being relied upon by many due to our quality of service and completion of the repairs on time.

And what’s more, we provide same day service and follow the no-fix-no-pay-policy so that you can be at complete peace of mind.

In contrast to other conventional repairers, to fix your wet iPhone in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane, our expert technicians will first inspect the liquid contact indicator (LCI) in your device to determine the degree of liquid damage in the device. And it’s only after inspecting the LCI do we check the other components to fix them accurately.
iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs

What We Provide in Our Repairs Service?

When you book our Apple iPhone water damage repairs service in Griffin & North Lakes, North Brisbane, you get:
  • The device back on the same day, repaired, and in a working condition
  • A skilled and licensed technician to inspect and repair your device
  • No-fix-no-pay policy for your peace of mind
  • Quality components, should they need replacing
  • Safe handling of the device to avoid further damages
  • A warranty for the repairs.
And as a competitive company, we provide the water damage repairing service at affordable pricing. So, don’t worry about the cost.
iPhone Water Damage Repairs North Brisbane

Get Your Water Damaged iPhone Repaired by the Experts today

If you are searching for the best company to repair your water damaged iPhone on the internet with the keyword ‘iPhone water damage repair near me’ and still can’t find a trustworthy company, look no further as Platinum Phone Repair is the one to meet your needs. So, if you would like to book a repairing service for your liquid damaged iPhone, contact us today.