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Buy Refurbished iPhones and iPads in North Lakes, North Brisbane
If you have plans to buy refurbished iPads and iPhones in Griffin, North Brisbane Platinum Phone Repair is the name to trust. Our years of experience and the team of some of the most technically sound technicians, help us to carry out some flawless refurbishment that turns the iOS gadgets to as good as their brand new counterparts. Indeed, every time we sell iPads and iPhones in North Lakes, North Brisbane, we prove the point, that buying perfectly refurbished iPhones and iPads can not only be a functionally viable decision, but it can also be financially profitable.
What you get when you buy a refurbished iPads, iPhones in North Lakes, North Brisbane?
As and when you buy refurbished iPads, iPhones in Griffin, North Lakes, and other parts of North Brisbane, we ensure it is a 'like-new' device, with genuine replacement parts from Apple, (if needed), and the existing parts are thoroughly cleaned & inspected. Our refurbished iOS devices come with a new battery and an outer shell if needed. Besides, You will receive every device with the entire range of accessories and will come with a warranty.

Why Us?
You will find many other retailers selling refurbished iPhones and iPads in Griffin, North Lakes, and other parts of North Brisbane, including the very recent models, at fairly discounted prices. However, not all of these retailers would offer original batteries and spare parts. This is where we at Platinum Phone Repair makes a difference. We would offer everything that will make the refurbished iOS device as good as new!
CONTACT US to buy your favourite model of iPhone/iPad that is as good as new!
Thus, if you have decided to buy a refurbished iPhone or iPad, simply dial us at 0430204151 and let us know about your choice. See how fast we get you your favourite iOS device!