Phone Repairs Scarborough

Comprehensive iPhone & iPad Repairs in Scarborough at Affordable Rates

No matter whether you use an Android phone, an iPad or iPhone, you need to pull up your socks when it comes to fixing your gadget. No matter whether it's a trivial issue like the replacement of the screen or battery or a more intricate issue like micro soldering of the motherboard or fixing software-related glitches, you need to rely on the best name. If you are located in North Brisbane, Platinum Phone Repair comes up as one of the most trustworthy names to put money on when it comes to iPhone and iPad phone repairs.

With the most experienced and skilled techies in our kitty, we would come up with some spotless service, which would ensure that when you get back your gadget, it is as good as new and that also at the earliest, with the shortest Turnaround Time (TAT). The iPhone & iPad repair service that we offer for Scarborough residents come with warranty and that gives you complete peace of mind when you put stakes on us. With a no-fix-no-pay policy for iPad repair and iPhone repair, we assure you of the best solution for your gadget.

What our iPhone Repair Service in Scarborough Includes?

At Platinum Phone Repair, we would come up with an all-encompassing iPhone repair service that caters to every issue that your gadget might encounter. Be it the elementary issues like screen repair and replacement and change of battery and repair or replacement of charging port or the more complex issues like motherboard repair, our highly skilled and trained techies will come up with some flawless iPhone repairing services in Scarborough.

The iPhone issues that we deal with include:

  • Wi-Fi Connection issues
  • iPhone to indulging in latest software upgrade
  • Screen or and back glass repair and replacement
  • Data loss
  • Dysfunctional Camera
  • Replacement of Battery
  • Water or other liquid Damage
  • Charging issues
  • Motherboard related issues that can be fixed by micro soldering
  • Non-responsive touch screen
  • Bluetooth issues
  • Stuck volume button
  • Slow device
  • Inability to back up data.
Thus you see, when things come down to repairing iPhone issues, it’s not just iPhone screen repair and replacement that we deal with, but our service is pretty all-inclusive, ensuring, that we are your one-stop iPhone repair solution in Scarborough.

What Our iPad Repair Service in Scarborough Is All About?

When it comes to fixing issues that plague iPads, we at Platinum Phone Repair are never found wanting in providing all-encompassing solutions. Indeed, when you hand over your plagued gadget to us, you can be assured that our highly acclaimed technicians will come up with the best possible iPad repair service which will justify your investment in us. In fact, we do not merely provide iPad screen repair and replacement but offer solutions to a wide range of issues like:
  • Intermittent crashing of apps like Google Chrome
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity issue
  • Intermittent freezing of iPad screen
  • Device stuck up at the Apple Logo
  • iTunes failing to recognise your device
  • Charging issues
  • iPad failing to turn on.
This speaks of the all-inclusiveness of our service, making us your automatic choice when it comes to fixing iPad issues.

iPhone & iPad Screen Repairs and Replacement

Your iPhone may not always function perfectly! At times, you will face issues with the screen, compelling you to go for iPhone screen repairs and replacement service.

A lot of things may happen to the screen of your iPad as well. It may get damaged altogether or suffer cracks and other technical glitches like slow responsiveness, whitening, intermittent freezing of screen, screen death and the likes. Thus you are left with no choice but to go for iPad screen repairs and replacement.

Under the circumstances, you need to get your gadget to a competent repair company that will be able to fix the problem with perfection. With some of the best experts, we at Platinum Phone Repair are the most trustworthy names when it comes to offering iPhone & iPad Screen Repairs and Replacement in Scarborough and rest of North Brisbane.

iPhone & iPad Battery Replacement

It is not only the screen of iPhones and iPads that suffer glitches. At times, you can face battery-related issues as well, more so when your gadget gets old.

At times the iPad battery will drain out its juice too fast and sometimes, it will refuse to get charged. You have to go for the iPad battery replacement in such situation. And again, you will find that your iPhone battery is outgrowing its case size.

When that happens, you need to go for iPhone battery replacement. So bring your gadget to us for a quick battery replacement. We offer quality iPhone & iPad Battery replacement services in Scarborough that will help your gadget work smoothly once again!

iPhone & iPad Water Damage Repairs

One of the most common issues that you face with your iPhone and iPad is water or other liquid damage. Water or other liquid spills on your iPad can inflict irreparable damage to your device, prompting you for iPad water damage repairs.

Thus, if you have spilled water, coffee or other liquid on your iPhone, or if your kid had dropped it in a bucket full of water, do not delay.

Just get your phone to us at Platinum Phone Repair for prompt iPhone water damage repairs. We are excellent in providing iPhone & iPad water or other liquid damage repairs in Scarborough.

iPhone & iPad Charging Port Repairs

At times, iPhone and iPad charging issues are attributed to damaged charging ports. You may find that your iPad is not getting charged despite having a new and healthy battery.

You need to go for iPad charging port repairs in that case. At times, you may find that you can charge your iPhone only when you hold it at a certain angle while charging. When that happens, it ought to be an issue with the charging port.

Do not think twice before getting your iPhone to us at Platinum Phone Repair for iPhone charging port repairs. We offer quick iPhone & iPad charging port repair service in Scarborough and other areas of North Brisbane.

Salient Features of our Phone Repair Service

At Platinum Phone Repair we offer:
  • Prompt Same Day Service
  • Warranty on Spare parts & Service
  • Professional Certified & Verified Techies
  • Flexible options for payment
  • 5-Star Service
  • Affordable and transparent service.

Fix Your Device Now Before the Issue Snowballs!

Thus you see, you need to act promptly when it comes to fixing your iPhone or iPad before the issue spirals out of hand. Do not wait! Get your gadget to us at Platinum Phone Repair if you are in North Brisbane or Moreton Bay Region. Contact us to fix an appointment or you can Book a Repair now. We promise to turn your device as good as new!